Barrel House: Seriously Smoked Food

Beekman Street in Saratoga Springs NY, once the working class section of the city, is now home to a variety of arts & craft studios and eateries. The revitilization is slow in comparison to the transformation to the rest of the city, but the small organic growth seen here is fueled by a different demographic than the rest of the city. When you stroll down the street, you will see the homes uniquely different and have the feel of Creole Townhouses. This may be no coincidence that the famous Hattie's (Fried Chicken) once called Beekman Street home. 

Halfway down the street is the Barrel House, where some seriously good food is being dished out. Looking at the place, you would think its not more than your average pub, but tucked away past the bar, is a small area where you can dine on a variety of house smoked meats (nothing is fried).

You enter through the bar and weave past the patrons to the eatery in the back. Its laid back with friendly staff that have always gone out of their way to assure you are having an enjoyable time. 

On one of the TV's in the room, they have the daily specials listed. I was in luck because this visit, they had their smoked chicken wings, lightly coated in a mild sweet sauce and served with chunky bleu cheese. Previously, Ive not had wings that were smoked and now I wonder why not! They are absolutely delicious. 

The menu is packed with a variety of classic sandwiches along with some house specialties. I chose their take on a smoked turkey reuben. Perfectly smoked and topped with the right balance of dressing. 

If your in the mood for house prepared meats, pass by the other local BBQ joints and head to the Barrel House. You will find smaller crowds and much better food.