Death Wish Coffee - Lives up to its claim!

Over the last 6 months, I've noticed DWC increasing its reach to local and regional health food and grocery stores; with the option to buy bulk or by the pound. Other than my genuine interest in spotting new coffee roasters, DWC stood out due to their participation in Quickbooks Small Business Big Game (Superbowl) competition, which they won. Admittedly, I am not one to seek out novelty products and most likely would not have purchased Death Wish Coffee (DWC) if it had not been a locally roasted product.

I've been eyeing it for a few months and didn't make my first purchase until this past weekend. I opened the bag early evening and began prepping the grinder and Moccamaster for DWC. The first thing I noticed was the strong, not quite burnt, aroma from the beans. DWC attributes part of the high caffeine level to the beans, which are "robusta," a less common species of coffee known for its high caffeine content, ease of cultivation and bitter taste! Most likely, the coffee you consume is of the Arabica species.

The beans resemble any typical Italian or french roast, noted by the color and oily residue.

The beans resemble any typical Italian or french roast, noted by the color and oily residue.

I moved on to grinding it to a sugary size and texture and brewing it initially to bloom by restricting the drip for 30-45 seconds. The aroma was strong and held the scent of the pre-ground beans.


My first impression I had when tasting it was a bitterness, which I would have expected from what I read about the beans, and an average dark roast intensity.

After about 6-8 oz I started to feel the effects and jumped online to see I could find the average caffeine content for the coffee. What I found, albeit not official from the company, was a staggering caffeine count that packed 8-10 cans of Red Bull equivalency into a cup of DWC. Given the time of day and effects of what I drank already, I passed on the rest of the cup.

Overall, the coffee is not one of my favorites as I prefer a low acidic earthy taste, but it sure lives up to its claim. For those who have a high tolerance for caffeine or who NEED an inability to sleep, this is a good option.