Day Trip to Hudson, NY

Despite Hudson, NY being 45 min from Albany and 1.25 hours from Saratoga Springs, Ive not made the trip until now. 

Known to many in the art and foodie community, Hudson, in some circles is known as a gem of the Hudson Valley. With a quick drive up Warren Street, its easy to see there is some serious money spent in this town. Warren Street was bustling with couples strolling into its many antique shop, cafe's and eatery's. 

Driving much of the traction this day, was likely the city's annual Farm & Flea event held at the Basilica Hudson, a factory repurposed as an event venue. 

We arrived at the start of the event, 2pm, and the line didn't break even at 5pm when we left.

The appearance on the outside is deceiving as when you enter the facility, it is tastely decorated and set up. The atmosphere was complimented by a variety of regional handmade products. 

Products ranged from candles, baked goods, jewelry, cosmetic and home good. Most vendors convienetly were equipped with Square, to allow customers to pay with credit/debit cards. 

Malta, NY

Malta, NY

We decided to sit for lunch and the food was not to disappoint. We had a pork belly and sausage sandwich from Raven & Boar, a pig farm in nearby Chatham and wood fired pizza from Truck Pizza, local food truck from Hudson. 

We will definitely be back to Hudson soon.