Easy to miss; Hard to forget

Just 10-15 minutes from either Saratoga Springs or Schenectady is a farm store tucked away off rt 50 that I must have driven past a thousand times.

When you turn into the farm, you travel down a short dirt road where you are initially unsure whether you are pulling up to someones house or a store. As you get closer, you see the store tucked away behind a row of trees and maybe, you will be greeted by one of the farms two herd dogs.

Inside you will find an array of meats and products you typically see in the "organic" or "all natural" section of the grocery store, but really have no idea where it comes from. On this farm you will see grass-fed cows grazing, pigs and free-range chickens and just through the door you have the option of buying cuts made within hours of your purchase or a freezer full of options. 

The meat is good and you can taste the difference in freshness without the shipping/handling delay typically built in with grocery store products. Another really nice option is with a little lead time, the butcher will prepare any cut and quantity you want.

At times it is a hassle getting my weeks worth of groceries from multiple grocers, but ever since I found this gem, I walk right past the meat section of the grocery store!